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Sunday February 1st 20261
green4th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Monday February 2nd 20262
whitePresentation of the Lord
Tuesday February 3rd 20263
greenredwhiteSt. Blase, St. Ansgar
Wednesday February 4th 20264
Thursday February 5th 20265
redSt. Agatha
Friday February 6th 20266
redSt. Paul Miki & Companions
Saturday February 7th 20267
greenwhiteMem. of Blessed Virgin Mary
Sunday February 8th 20268
green5th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Monday February 9th 20269
Tuesday February 10th 202610
whiteSt. Scholastica
Wednesday February 11th 202611
greenwhiteOur Lady of Lourdes
Thursday February 12th 202612
Friday February 13th 202613
Saturday February 14th 202614
whiteSs. Cyril & Methodius
Sunday February 15th 202615
green6th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Monday February 16th 202616
Tuesday February 17th 202617
greenwhiteSeven Holy Founders of the Servite Order
Wednesday February 18th 202618
purpleAsh Wednesday
Thursday February 19th 202619
Friday February 20th 202620
Saturday February 21st 202621
purpleSt. Peter Damian
Sunday February 22nd 202622
purple1st Sunday of Lent
Monday February 23rd 202623
purpleSt. Polycarp
Tuesday February 24th 202624
Wednesday February 25th 202625
Thursday February 26th 202626
Friday February 27th 202627
whiteSt. Gregory of Narek
Saturday February 28th 202628