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January 2023
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
1January 1st 2023whiteMary, Mother of GodNew Year's Day
10:30 am Mass
2January 2nd 2023whiteSs. Basil the Great & Gregory Nazianzen5:30 pm Mass
3January 3rd 2023whiteMost Holy Name of Jesus
5:30 pm Mass
4January 4th 2023whiteSt. Elizabeth Ann Seton
5:30 am Mass
5January 5th 2023whiteSt. John Neumann Bishop5:30 pm Mass
6January 6th 2023whiteSt. Andre Bessette Christmas Week Day5:30 pm Mass
7January 7th 2023whiteSt. Raymond of Penafort
6:00 pm Mass
8January 8th 2023whiteThe Epiphany of the Lord
10:30 am Mass
9January 9th 2023whiteThe Baptism of the Lord
5:30 pm Mass
10January 10th 2023greenFirst Week of Ordinary Time5:30 pm Mass
11January 11th 2023green
5:30 pm Mass
12January 12th 2023green
5:30 pm Mass
13January 13th 2023greenwhiteSt. Hilary Bishop and Doctor of the Church
5:30 pm Mass
14January 14th 2023greenwhiteMem. of Blessed Virgin Mary
6:00 pm Mass
15January 15th 2023green2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time
10:30 am Mass
16January 16th 2023greenMartin Luther King Jr. Day
17January 17th 2023whiteSt. Anthony,Abbot
18January 18th 2023green
19January 19th 2023green
20January 20th 2023greenredSt. Fabian, St. Sebastian
21January 21st 2023redSt. Agnes
6:00 pm Mass
22January 22nd 2023green3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time
10:30 am Mass
23January 23rd 2023whiteSt. Vincent, St. Marianne Cope Day of Prayer unborn Children
24January 24th 2023whiteSt. Francis de Sales
25January 25th 2023whiteConversion of St. Paul the Apostle
26January 26th 2023whiteSs. Timothy & Titus
27January 27th 2023greenwhiteSt. Angela Merici
28January 28th 2023whiteSt. Thomas Aquinas
6:00 pm Mass
29January 29th 2023green4th Sunday in Ordinary Time
10:30 am Mass
30January 30th 2023green
31January 31st 2023whiteSt. John Bosco