Group: Pastoral Council

purple1st Sunday of Advent
purplewhiteSt. John Damascene
whiteImmaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary
pink3rd Sunday of Advent
Pastoral Council (Meet New Members)
Pastoral Council
SJAN-Church (Church)
SJAN-Hall (Hall)
purple4th Sunday of Advent
whiteChristmasChristmas Day
whiteSt. John the Apostle & evangelist
whiteSixth Day Octave of the Nativity of the Lord
whiteMary, Mother of GodNew Year's Day
whiteSs. Basil the Great & Gregory Nazianzen
whiteMost Holy Name of Jesus
whiteSt. Elizabeth Ann Seton
whiteThe Epiphany of the Lord
greenFirst Week of Ordinary Time
Discernment Pastoral Council
Pastoral Council
SJB-Church (Church)
greenwhiteSt. Hilary of Poitiers, Mem. of Blessed Virgin Mary
green2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time
greenMartin Luther King Jr. Day
whiteSt. Anthony
Pastoral Council / Envision
Pastoral Council
SJB--SE (Annex)
greenredwhiteSt. Fabian, St. Sebastian, Mem. of Blessed Virgin Mary
green3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time
greenredwhiteSt. Vincent, St. Marianne Cope
whiteConversion of St. Paul
greenwhiteSt. Angela Merici, Mem. of Blessed Virgin Mary